Sorcerous Stabber OrphenEdit

The adventures of the renegade Krylancylo Finrandi, or Orphen, his potent apprentice Majic, and the fiesty girl Cleao to save Orphen's foster sister, Azalie.
The Cast

The three protaganists of the series. From left to right- Cleao, Orphen, Majic.

The series begins slow and paced, Orphen is teaching Majic to be a sorcerer. His father pays for the tutoring which he states is money poorly spent.

Orphen's true intention is to return his sister Azalie to her former human state, as she is revealed to be the monstrous Bloody August. After some encounters, Orphen and Majic set out, and are accompanied by Cleao, who claims to go only because the Sword of Baltanders Orphen requires belongs to her.

Throughout the series the characters find their use, though more often than not, Orphen must come to rescue the two and display his mighty strength as a powerful and talented sorcerer.

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